Hawaii Scuba Diving Corsair Plane Wreck of Oahu-Honolulu scuba diving in Waikiki. Corsair Airplane Scuba Diving Location Oahu. Chance Vought F4U Corsair of Hawaii. Oahu's only Real Wreck Dive.

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Corsair Hawaii is dedicated to preserving and educating Hawaii scuba divers and people on this fantastic piece of history.

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Corsair History
History on the Corsair airplane and its marvelous achievements

Corsair Location
The location of the Corsair plane wreck located in Hawaii.

Corsair Photos Hawaii
Some great scuba diving Hawaii photographs of the Corsair plane wreck.

Marine Life on the Corsair Hawaii
Information on the different types of marine life that thrive on the Corsair.

Diving the Corsair
Great dive pictures of the Corsair, scuba diving details.

Corsair Video
Very nice high definition video of the Corsair wreck.

Interesting questions concerning the Corsair plane wreck.

Contact Corsair Hawaii
Contact Oahu's best scuba diving charter company for the Corsair plane wreck