Hawaii Scuba Diving Corsair Plane Wreck of Oahu-Honolulu scuba diving in Waikiki. Corsair Airplane Scuba Diving Location Oahu. Chance Vought F4U Corsair of Hawaii. Oahu's only Real Wreck Dive.

Chance Vought F4U Corsair Hawaii

The Corsair airplane wreck of Oahu is located approximately 3 miles out from the Hawaii Kai marina which is on Oahu’s south-east side. The Corsair plane wreck sits in 115 feet of blue Pacific Hawaiian waters in an upright position facing south west with the tail of the airplane pointing towards Koko Head.( 151 feet (46.02 meters) above sea level) Getting out to the Corsair plane wreck takes about 15 minutes so as long as you are departing from the Koko boat marina located in the Hawaii Kai shopping center. The water is fairly rough due to the location of where the Corsair sits. Currents can be strong so this Oahu scuba dive is for advanced divers. The plane sank in 1948 , well actually ditched back in 1948. On a routine mission from Pearl Harbor the Captain suddenly realized his fuel gauge needle was falling quickly. Thinking it was just a faulty gauge he pressed on. Soon after he began to experience engine sputter then ultimately failure set it. He landed the plane in flying configuration with the wheels up and flaps slightly extended. The water landing was perfect, the plane actually sunk intake with no damage whatsoever. The Captain was rescued later alive in his life jacket. Making this a great scuba dive location in Hawaii.

Oahu Diving Location Corsair Wreck in Hawaii

Hundreds of Hawaii scuba divers dive this wreck monthly however wreck is in very good condition. The left wing of the Corsair is submerged underneath sand which acts like an anchor keeping this Corsair in one place. The right wing is fully exposed providing excellent for octopuses and eels. If coral reefs fancy you the Corsair is not your Hawaii scuba dive. The Corsair sits on a flat sandy area of Oahu with hardly a rock in the area this dive has many fish which has taken refuge on it. The sand however does hide some pretty interesting creatures. The first thing you will notice while diving on the Corsair is the thousands of stringy garden eels that wave in the currents with half their bodies tunneled in the sand. Try as you might, you will never be able to get more than a few feet away from these snake looking eels. Back on the Corsair you will also notice a sizable fish population living there. Schools of snappers float around the plane, always staying just hand length away from scuba divers. Upon further inspection of the Corsair plane you will also notice the squirrel fish with very big eyes for seeing well in the dark thriving here. There fish usually live in caves; remarkable living very well in the back fuselage of the Corsair plane. Puffer fish mainly the porcupine puffer fish also live around the Corsair. Seldom stay close to scuba divers these fish shy away until the Oahu scuba diver leaves the area.

The cockpit is surprisingly intake with the stick, rudder pedals and seat still there. The compass or “whiskey compass” is also still there however you can no longer read it due to the amount of growth on the glass. Scuba divers of sometimes wedge themselves in the cockpit for that opportunity to feel what is like to be in an authentic Corsair airplane- one that is sunk of course. Be careful, eels do live in the plane; the yellow margin moray eel makes his home here and sometimes doesn’t like scuba divers. Therefore taking precautions and a good look around before entering the Corsair cockpit is a great idea. Bigger marine life occasionally shows up at the Corsair for example stingrays, sharks like the dreaded tiger shark, manta rays and even whales during the season. Although this is not an everyday occasion you may be lucky and be rewarded with a nice Galapagos shark or a huge manta ray.

corsair plane wreck hawaii

Corsair airplane wreck of Oahu is a Hawaii scuba diving location just south east of Maunalua Bay Hawaii Kai Oahu Island.

Quick Facts 

  • Depths on the Corsair wreck is 108ft.
  • Bottom time - 16 minutes
  • currents are usually strong.
  • Ditched in 1948
  • Advanced scuba dive
  • Dive locations- South east Oahu.
  • Boat dive only

This Hawaii scuba diving adventure is recommended for advanced scuba divers with knowledge of deep diving. Not being true to your diving abilities can be fatal at this Oahu diving location.

Interesting Nicknames;

  1. Bent-Wing Monster
  2. Bend-Wing Bird
  3. Whistling Death
  4. Horseshoe
  5. Bent-Wing Ensign Eliminator
  6. Super Stuka
  7. U-Bird
  8. Hose Nose
  9. Hog Nose
  10. Sweetheart, Hog